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corningware simply lite glass bakeware – 10pc

Buy Cheap CorningWare Simply Lite Glass Bakeware – 10pc

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Oven & microwave safe
Easy clean-up
Dishwasher safe
Easy Storage
Made in USA…….

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Product Technical Details

– Bakeware set includes: 1.5 qt./1,4 L – Square baker with glass and plastic lids
– 2.5 qt./2,4 L – Square baker with glass and plastic lids
– 2 qt./1,9 L – Rectangular Baker with plastic lid
– 3 qt./2,8 L – Rectangular baker with plastic lid (can be used for recipes that call for 9″ x 13″ baking dishes)
– 50% Lighter. 100% Corningware
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Customer Buzz

 “Very Nice But Breakable” 2010-03-30
By Astrogirl “Diana” (California)
I bought these as I have other CorningWare products (Visions, Corning French in Black, and Vintage Corning) and I absolutely love my Visions. I did not realize that these have a few limitations as they are not as durable. After receiving and reading booklet, I was a bit disappointed but I decided keep. There is a risk of breakage due to sudden temperature change. I like Corningware because you can go from one extreme to other, but with these you cannot. They are nice and light, and I know I can utilize in a different fashion than usual. So when purchasing, just keep in mind that these are not your usual CorningWare.

Customer Buzz

 “Low Quality Plastic Lids” 2010-02-21
By Philips Y. Santosa (Dallas, TX, USA)
I bought a similar set at Macy’s. The containers are light and they work well in microwave and regular ovens. But I’m really disappointed with the quality of the plastic lids:

1. The get scratched very easily. I didn’t use anything rough to wipe them, only kitchen towels, and still I see scratch marks on them.

2. They get stained easily. I put one of the lids in the dishwasher along with some dishes that had spaghetti sauce on them. The lid came out badly stained.

3. The lids do not easily come off of the containers. You’re supposed to pull up the corner piece of the lid to take it off, but mot of the times it doesn’t come right off. You’re screwed if you have hot, soupy or saucy food in the container because there’s no way to take the lid off without burning your hands or spilling what’s inside.

Customer Buzz

 “Simplylite, simply compact and I love it, love it, love it !!” 2010-02-14
By Soumya Das (MOORPARK, CA, US)
I am a fan of corningware and corelle products for lot of reasons. The traditional pyroceram dishes and the french white line of dishes are nice but pretty heavy for somebody who has joint pains or wrist problems. This item is a life savor for such people because it is very light. It also occupies less space as they do stack very well as compared to other dishes. If you carefully see the box and the instruction paper, you can learn to stack them well, including the lids!

The only reason why I did not give a five star is that I wish, apart from the white color which they currently have, they could also have some tiny designs/ prints so that they can look more pretty and also match with other corningware/ corelle items. Also there are pyrex glass lids for only two dishes and the other two have only plastic lids. May be they could sell them separately too.

This product is very well priced too on Amazon. BTW, some locations of Sam’s Club sell this item even less than Amazon (about $38 approx). However, they are soon going to discontinue this product. Thats what one of their store managers told me.

Customer Buzz

 “Excellent product” 2010-01-30
By E. Archer (Minnesota USA)
light weight, oven safe and microwave safe! In the microwave the handles don’t get hot. Only glass touching the food (the bottom) gets hot. Beats microwaving plastic. See through covers are a plus! Love these!

Customer Buzz

 “Very disappointed” 2009-03-30
By Monte Hershberger (South Bend, IN)
Prior reviews must have been by CorningWare employees.

1) Product photos cleverly “suggest” they stack inside one another. They do not.

2) For some reason only 2 of 4 sizes come with glass lids – all 4 do have plastic lids.

3) Unlike another review, I do NOT have Arthritis and find it very difficult to remove plastic lids; especially when dish comes out for the refrigerator. Look at the photo and ask how you would hold the dish as you pry-up on lid-removal TAB? The rounded bottom makes this an interesting task.

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